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Sinewave Lab is a company focused on the development of sound and music digital products.

We currently have in our catalogue ▪ Kontakt Libraries ▪ Impulse Responses ▪ VST Plugins ▪ Standalone Music Software ▪ Royalty-Free Sound Effects.

How It All Started

Hi! I'm Micael L. Nobre, creator of Sinewave Lab.


I started this journey in mid-2016, when I was finishing my Sound bachelor's degree in ESAD.CR.


I determined that I wanted to create Sinewave Lab as my FInal Project for that course.

Back then, I set myself to develop these 5 products

▶ the Electric Guitar Natural Harmonics Kontakt Library

▶ the Glassophone Kontakt Library

▶ the Power Hits Kontakt Library

▶ the Soundscape Foundations Kontakt Library (now defunct) and

▶ the Next Room Impulse Responses Pack.

Where It's Headed

Since then, I have used Sinewave Lab for a couple of different things:


(1) Implementing unique Music & Sound ideas I may have.


Sometimes I have ideas for tools which I wish existed but don't. I have learned that instead of wishing, the best practice is to implement them myself. Up until now, the examples of that go from something simpler such as the SLGain - a flexible VST Gain plugin with configurable and automatable values - to something more complex such as SLModesa software for finding matching scales & modes.


I also have two other ideas that I want to implement, but I first must learn about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to implement them, so don't expect anything for now.


(2) Recording and Creating Royalty Free Sound Effects.


From 2019 onwards, our focus will be on the creation of Sound Effects via our Sinewave Lab Sound Effects Library.


(3) We also have a Blog, where I sometimes talk about random stuff related to Sound.

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