Sinewave Lab is a company focused on the development of sound and music digital products.

We currently have in our catalogue:
▪ Kontakt Libraries
▪ Impulse Responses
▪ VST Plugins
▪ Standalone Music Software

How It All Started

Hi! I’m Micael L. Nobre, creator of Sinewave Lab.

I started this journey in 2016, when I was studying Sound @ ESAD.CR. I created Sinewave Lab as a project during that course.

Back then, I developed these 5 products:

1. Electric Guitar Natural Harmonics;
2. Glassophone;
3. Power Hits;
4. Soundscape Foundations (now defunct);
5. Next Room Impulse Responses Pack.

Since then, I have used Sinewave Lab to implement unique ideas I may have for tools which that I wish existed but don’t. Some examples are SLGain – a flexible VST Gain plugin with configurable and automatable values – to something more complex such as SLModes – a software for finding matching scales & modes.