Hello, I’m Micael Nobre, the creator of Sinewave Lab.

This website is the headquarters that gathers all things related to my relationship with Sound and Music.

The Online Shop section has in its catalogue:

  • Kontakt Libraries
  • Impulse Responses
  • VST Plugins
  • Standalone Music Software

The Blog section has all sorts of informative content:

The Freelance Portfolio section displays work I’ve done in this area for various clients:

How It Started

I started this journey in 2016, when I was finishing a Sound and Image course in college. I created Sinewave Lab as a project during that course.

Back then, I developed some Kontakt libraries and some Impulse Responses.

Since then, I have used Sinewave Lab to implement unique ideas I have for tools which that I wish existed but don’t. Some examples are SLGain – a flexible VST Gain plugin with configurable and automatable values – to something more complex such as SLModes – a software for finding matching scales & modes.