Sound Effects Added Recently #1

Here are the latest sound effects we added to our Sinewave Lab Sound Effects Library. royalty-free sFX library with both a Free and a Pro version – which you can buy to support the creation of more sounds 🙂.

Sounds Added Recently

Category 01: Real Ambiences

Passenger Train Interior Ambience 01: Calm interior ambience of a passenger train. Recorded with 2 omnidirectional microphones.

Ocean Waves on Beach Sand Ambience 01: The sound of a slightly agitated Atlantic ocean crashing on the sands of the empty Foz do Arelho beach in Portugal.This was recorded in stereo and it’s looped.

Ocean Waves on Beach Sand Ambience 02:The upclose sound of the Atlantic ocean waves crashing on the sands of the empty Foz do Arelho beach in Portugal. This was recorded in stereo and it’s perfectly looped.

Car Interior with Rain Outside Ambience: 1 minute ambience of a car interior with rain falling on the outside. The car’s motor is running. This sound effect was designed to be easily loopable.

Category 02: Fictional Ambiences

Drone Ambience 01: This is a calm, deep and abstract ambience drone. Good for certain genres of film or video games (Space Action, Post-Apocalyptic, Mystery, Horror, Etc.)

Drone Ambience 02: This is an ambience designed to simulate large futuristic vehicles such as a spaceship. It can also simulate facilities such as a technological factory or an underground lab. Anything that requires a constant, cyclic, mechanical drone as a background. This ambience is perfectly looped.

Category 03: Buttons, Screen Actions, Interface Sounds

Click Pack 01: Simple clicks for interfaces, mouse sounds and menu navigation.

DSLR Camera Shutter:Modern DSLR camera shutter sound, heard when someone is taking a picture.

Notification Pack 01: Notification for using in software, video games and apps.

Marimba Notification Pack 01: Marimba notification sounds for software, video games or apps. Could be used for: → Received message, email or sms → Completing a task such as a download; → Show some browser notification; → Overall notification for software, video games or apps.

Menu (Open and Close) Pack 01:

  • Menu 01: Modern sound for opening and closing menus action / shooter / sci-fi videogames.
  • Menu 02: Simple open and close sound for a videogame, software or app.
  • Menu 03: An open and close menu sound with a certain gliding characteristic to it.

Smartphone Vibrating Pack: Five different vibration patterns of a smartphone. Each item is ready to be looped.

Category 04: Cinematic Hits, Stings, Abstract Sound Design

Cinematic Impact 01: Deep, powerful impact for trailers or video games.

Synth Descending Movement 01: A short, descending, cinematic transition/movement/whoosh. It has a wide, rich sound texture.

Category 05: Cityscape, Urban

Car Horn Drive-By 01: Recording of a Peugeot 208 driving-by while honking the horn, creating the Doppler effect. Recorded in stereo in ORTF, the ar goes from left to right.

Category 06: Electronical, Mechanical, Industrial

Door Buzzer01: Open door buzzer sound.

Elevator Bell Ring 01: The bell ring a lift elevator plays when reaching the destination floor.

Category 07: Elements and Materials

Glass Window Crash 01: The sound of destroying an old framed window glass, with a rock.

Category 08: Game Sounds

Alarm 01, Incoming Missile: The warning alarm from the inside of a airship cockpit, indicating the presence of an enemy incoming missile. This sound can be typically used in air combat games or any other vehicle combat.

Collect Coin, Item, Bonus, Gem Pack 01: The sound for a collected coin, bonus, gem, potion or similar item in a game.

Real Coins: The recording of real coins, including various takes of multiple coins being dropped and also of a single coin being dropped. These sounds can be useful for video games that involve money, trading goods, casinos, forex, and so on.

Sword Unsheathe 01: Sound of a sword unsheathing. This sFX can be useful for video games and videos with themes such as: Medieval, War, Action, RPG, Fight etc.

Win Fanfare Music: Triumphant victory fanfare, with a realistic sounding orchestral brass section. This will be appropriate to use in video games (e.g. victory fanfare in a RPG or a real-time strategy game winning theme).

Category 09: Logos and Intros

Positive Logo 01: A introduction / logo / ident with positive vibes.

Metal Intro/Logo 01: Heavy Metal introduction for your YouTube Channel, Podcast or any other similar project you might have. Possible themes of interest: Bodybuilding/Weightlifting, Sports, Racing, Guns and Weapons,

Category 10: Music

Jazz 01: Short looped piece of jazz, good for product presentations and similar.

Ambient 01 – Mechanical Space Meditations: Mechanical space Ambience music, looped.

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