Sound Effects Added Recently #2

Here are the latest sound effects we added to our Sinewave Lab Sound Effects Library. royalty-free sFX library with both a Free and a Pro version – which you can buy to support the creation of more sounds 🙂

Sounds Added Recently

Category 01: Buttons, Screen Actions, Interface Sounds

Menu 04: The GUI sound of a modern menu opening and closing.

Category 02: Cityscape, Urban, Vehicles

Fireworks 01: Sound recording of Fireworks. Recorded on New Year’s Eve @ SantarĂ©m, Portugal

Car Tire 01, Spin on Asphalt and Rocks: Sound recording of a Car’s Tires Spinning on Asphalt and Rocks. Recorded in Stereo. Single file includes multiple takes, so additional editing may be needed.

Car Horn Drive-By 02: Recording of a Opel Adam driving-by while honking the horn, creating the Doppler effect. Recorded in stereo in ORTF, the ar goes from right to left.

Category 03: Electronical, Mechanical, Industrial

CRT Television On Off: Recording of an old Sony CRT Television turning on and off. It includes the typical high pitch frequencies @ around 16kHz which are typical of such devices.

Telephone 01 Calling and Busy Tone: Sound Recording of a landline telephone: calling signal tone and busy signal tone.

Category 04: Game Sounds

Sci-Fi Vintage Computer Calculations 01: The sound effect of a vintage sci-fi computer performing calculations.

Category 05: Music

Supercharged (8 Bit Chiptune): 8 Bit Game music track for Arcade, Action, Racing games and so on.

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