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News about Sinewave Lab's latest products.

The Next Room Impulse Responses Demonstration

Here at the Sinewave Lab, we have recorded a set of Impulse Responses something called the Next Room Impulse Responses. This set of 23 mono and stereo WAV files allows you to emulate the acoustic properties of the house I live in, but with the twist. Because it’s called the “next room”, what did it …

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Plugins and Kontakt Libraries for Metal Producers

Dear metalheads and djentlemen: if you’re forever searching for tonal nirvana in your metal mixes, we have some awesome VST/AU plugins and Kontakt libraries we’d like you to know about. They’ve been designed by our friends at TIGHT SOUND and are available to purchase here on Sinewave Lab. They are: Electric Guitar Electric Bass Drums …

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Sinewave Lab’s Sound Library was a Failure

By the end of 2018 I explained why my experience of selling sound effects through the Audiojungle marketplace hadn’t been that great. And then I started to wonder how I could monetize my sound effects in a better way. I tried to find an answer and launched the Sinewave Lab Sound Library. I had many …

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SLModes 1.0.1 Released

We just released SLModes version 1.0.1, which corrected the following: Corrected a bug which was preventing the program launching correctly on certain computers Corrected a bug related to the Notes (Opt.) parameter, which wasn’t filtering the scales under certain circumstances. SLModes is a software that allows you to find matching scales and modes based on their …

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Exploring the Music Modes with Software: SLModes

The idea of the music modes was not something that was too hard for me to grasp much due to the thoughtful teachings of Joe Satriani and the iconic website Guitar Shred Show. I understood the possibilities of the modes and explored their atmospheres in my music. I also quickly found out that one of …

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