Cityscape, Urban, Vehicles Sound Effects


By purchasing a sound effect, you are granted permission to use it commercially in any type of project without needing to credit Sinewave Lab. All these sound effects are also royalty-free. The only restrictions are not re-selling the sound effects as your own.

How to Purchase

  • All the Sound Effects: click on the Buy button in the player above. You will be redirected to a checkout page to purchase all sound effects listed in this page. This purchase gives you a discount.
  • Individual Sound Effects: in the list below, click on the sound effect you want. You will be redirected to a page where you can purchase it.

Purchases are done through the platform Bandcamp. All files can be downloaded as WAV, FLAC or MP3 quality.

List of Sound Effects

  1. Bycicle Bell 01 00:19
  2. Car Horn Drive-By 00:10
  3. Car Horn Drive-By 02 00:09
  4. Car Tire 01, Spin on Asphalt and Rocks 00:24
  5. Fireworks 01 00:51