Free Mellotron Kontakt Library

By MLNobre

We have added to our website a free Mellotron Kontakt library

This can’t really be considered a Sinewave Lab product because we didn’t record the samples.

For some time, I have been searching for a free 64-bit Mellotron VST and couldn’t find any. So after searching for some free Mellotron samples online, I ended up finding Leisureland’s website. There are some cool mellotron samples there available for free, but they really aren’t that playable because they’re just loose audio files.

All I did was take those mellotron samples and create some simple Kontakt patches from them. I have been using them ever since and find them useful. I thought other people might find this repackaging useful as well.

Attribution and Disclaimer: I have tried to contact Leisureland but the contact form on his website doesn’t work and there aren’t other ways to reach out to him. Since (1) he is making them available for free, (2) I am not making any money from this library, (3) I am giving full credit to the creator of the samples and (4) I am not acting in any way in bad faith and am simply using my already established platform to help others with a problem I have had myself, I therefore consider it acceptable to make this Kontakt library available on Sinewave Lab. If Leisureland’s owner doesn’t agree, please contact me with a removal request. Thank you. Also, the image used in the creation of this library comes from this WikiCommons page.