Free Mellotron Library for Kontakt


This Free Mellotron is a collection of 10 Kontakt patches with different Mellotron variations.


Free Mellotron library for Kontakt (187 MB).



Mellotron - Combined Choir

Mellotron - GC3 Brass

Mellotron - M300A

Mellotron - M300B

Mellotron - MkII Brass

Mellotron - MkII Flute

Mellotron - MkII Violins

Mellotron - String Section

Mellotron - Woodwind 02

Mellotron (Cello)


Samples are around 7 seconds each, not looped;



Please note: the samples of this library were not recorded by Sinewave Lab and we do not own them. They were recorded by Leisureland and are available for free there.


For some time there has been lacking on the Internet any free 64-bit Mellotron instruments. After some research, we found Leisureland's samples. They are great but not very playable as they are only loose audio files.


We decided to create simple Kontakt patches out of them and have been using them ever since privately. Now we are simply deciding to make them available via this platform to help others solve this problem too. Hopefully you like it.


Attribution and Disclaimer: We have tried to contact Leisureland but the contact form on his website doesn’t work and there aren’t other ways to reach out to him. Since (1) he is making them available for free, (2) we are not making any money from this library, (3) we are giving full credit to the creator of the samples and (4) we are not acting in any way in bad faith and are simply using our already established platform to help others with a problem we have had ourselves, we therefore consider it acceptable to make this Kontakt library available on Sinewave Lab. If Leisureland’s owner doesn’t agree, please contact us with a removal request. Thank you. Also, the image used in the creation of this library comes from this WikiCommons page.

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