Glassophone (Free Kontakt Library)


Glassophone is a Kontakt library created by recording a total of nine different wine glasses. It is a unique glassware library as the glasses were recorded both empty and filled with water, which will be played back depending on the velocity.


▸ 87.91 MB of total size
▸ 153 samples | 48 kHz/24-bit, WAV
▸ Range: C3 – A5
▸ Multi-Level Dynamics per note
▸ 3 Round Robin variations per level
▸ Tuning: A = 440 Hz

Full Kontakt Required

▸ To use this library you’ll need the Native Instruments Full Kontakt 4.2.3 or above.
▸ It is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

Free Download ↷

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