Guitars Finalizer IR Pack


Guitar Finalizer is some of the best metal guitar impulse responses, created by our friends at TIGHT SOUND.

The objective of these impulse responses is to make your guitar tone taste like a rich piece of chocolate cake (only Dream Theater fans will get this).

These are post-processing impulse responses, so you will still use your regular amp + cabinet (sim or otherwise) and only then you use these IR files. They will sound awesome for music genres such as: Modern Rock, Progressive Metal, Djent and similar.

Get Your Impulse Responses

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Below you will listen to Guitar Finalizer Impulse Responses used after six different simulators (Amplitube, Bias, Kuassa, POD Farm, Toneforge, TSE).

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”sjHMQoHTVMQ,EBfoSGtdcKk,gKmPMuioOu0,lUV65I99ST8,kHPxgIk-z-A,-HTe7-bJ3rA” ]

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