Helicopter Story – Bill Burr

By MLNobre

Any Bill Burr fans out there?

Bill Burr is one of my favourite comedians and one of the first things I noticed about him is how much he exploits sound for comedic purposes, with one of his most iconic moves being getting away from the microphone and yelling stuff. It’s pretty funny.

One of the things I try to teach new students about microphones is that some of their technical specifications – especially polar patterns – are not just numbers or graphs on a paper. They are things that can be translated creatively into the world, if only you are interested enough in realizing that.

Bill Burr is an example of someone who does that. He definitely has a good ear. He’s a drummer too. Here’s him comically, but clearly, explaining polyrhythms in the song Bleed by Meshuggah.

But what made me write this blog post was the helicopter story he told on his Comedy Special, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way (2014).It’s so well done, and his microphone control is so pivotal to the storytelling that it’s worth dedicate a blog post to it. You can watch the animation below (or the original here)