How to Record your Podcast under 55$

By MLNobre

So… you’re starting your Podcast and want to know how to get a decent audio recording without breaking the bank.

Let’s see what you can get with a 55 $ budget.

1. A Podcast Microphone

It is hard to get stellar audio quality with a microphone under 50 dollars.

But still – even under 50 dollars – some microphones are bound to sound better than others, right?

We did the research (so you didn’t have to) to find the best podcast microphone… And after listening to many samples, we found one that stands out:

It’s the Samson Go Mic.

Take a listen to these videos:

Also keep in mind that:

✓ It’s an USB Microphone, which means that you don’t have to spend more money on extra gear to connect it to your computer.
✓ It’s a cardioid microphone, which allows you to record sounds in front of it while rejecting sounds from the back (such as the noise from your computer).

2. Pop-Filter

Don’t record yourself without a pop-filter. Pops make you sound unprofessional. This is what a ‘pop‘ sounds like:

Avoid this by putting a pop-filter in front of your microphone.

3. Microphone Stand

You’ll also want a microphone stand so that you don’t have to hold your microphone (and your pop-filter) with your hands.

Yes, the Samson allows you to attach it to your computer monitor, but that’s not a good idea. You want to be able to position the microphone close to your mouth.

The choice of the stand is not critical. You have 3 types of stands: theone mentioned above, which attaches to your table; small desktop stands; or regular stands. For podcasting, the ones that attach to the table are useful, but you can choose the one you feel it’s the most appropriate to your needs.

4. Recording and Editing Software

Download Audacity for recording and editing. It’s free.

Click here to download Audacity

Total: 54.98 dollars

That’s it. You now have the gear to start your Podcast. Let’s us know how you’re doing and leave a link to it in the comments below!