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SLModes 2.0.0 presents you with new ways to write your music.

Taking advantage of concepts like modal modulation and pitch axis theory, you’ll find a new way of thinking about key signatures and chord progressions.

5-Start Rating on Gumroad

Awesome stuff.  I used it straight away on a composition I was looking to build a bit. This software presented so many not so common suggestions to explore, I felt confident I was auditioning ideas outside my same old development repertoire
George Zajacek

With SLModes, it only takes a couple of minutes before you find ideas for chord progressions you wouldn’t otherwise have on your own.


SLModes 2.0.0




The main features are:

▸A total of 63 music modes for you to explore:

Major Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, Melodic Minor, Dorian b2, Lydian Augmented, Lydian Dominant, Mixolydian b6, Locrian #2, Altered, Harmonic Minor, Locrian 6, Ionian #5, Dorian #4, Phrygian Major, Lydian #2, Ultralocrian, Harmonic Major, Dorian b5, Phrygian b4, Lydian Minor, Mixolydian b2, Lydian Augmented #2, Locrian bb7, Double Harmonic Major, Lydian #2 #6, Ultraphrygian, Hungarian Minor, Oriental, Ionian #2 #5, Locrian bb3 bb7, Neapolitan Major, Leading Whole Tone, Lydian Augmented Dominant, Lydian Dominant b6, Major Locrian, Half-Diminished b4, Altered Dominant bb3,  Neapolitan Minor, Lydian #6, Mixolydian Augmented, Romani Minor, Locrian Dominant, Ionian #2, Ultralocrian bb3, Hungarian Major, Ultralocrian bb6, Harmonic Minor b5, Superlocrian ♮6, Jazz Minor #5, Dorian b2 #4, Lydian Augmented #3, Romanian Major, Superlydian Augmented ♮6, Locrian ♮2 bb7, Blues Phrygian b4, Jazz Minor b5, Superphrygian ♮6 and Lydian Augmented b3.

▸ For each mode, it shows its chords (this is huge!) and their notes;

▸ For each mode, a list of its guitar fretboard shape and piano notes. You can also open the extended freboard mode, to access the notes of the mode across the entire guitar fretboard.

▸ It provides instant feedback on how a mode sounds by playing it over a selected chord.

▸ It creates a list of all matching modes and their corresponding chords based on how many notes in common they have with the original mode you’ve selected (this is a new way of thinking when writing chord progressions). 

Composer Mode, for you to write down you chord progressions, and play them in a loop.

System Requirements

> Windows:
Operating System:
Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Architecture: 64 bits
Soundcard: Required
Hard-Drive Free Space: 150 MB
Minimum Screen Resolution: 980×540

> macOS:
Operating System:
tested on macOS Catalina and Big Sur
64 bits
1 GB
Hard-Drive Free Space:
150 MB
Minimum Screen Resolution:

Keep in mind: Your system might identify SLModes as an unidentified program (common problem for small developers). The manual shows how to solve it with 3 clicks. But you need to be aware this warning may appear and be okay with that, before you buy SLModes 2.0.0

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