Randonautica Sound Recordings

I have been using the app Randonautica to generate random coordinates on a map and making ambience sound recordings out of those places.

Clicking on a red pin allows you to to hear the specific recording of that location. You may want to zoom out a tiny bit to get all locations.

Description of the Sound Recording files

– Free;
– Royalty-Free (CC0);
– Attribution-Free;
– WAV / 48kHz / 24-bit
– Randonautica-ambiences;
– Each recording up to 2 minutes;
– Perfectly-looped;

Objectively Weird and Anomalous Events so Far

So far, some weird and creepy stuff have already occurred in this adventure. Check the pictures below.

But what is Randonautica anyway?

Randonautica in an app that allows users to explore and research locations that lie outside of their normal daily lives.

Consider these two facts:

1. We live in a deterministic world, where cause-and-effect dictate our actions since the day we were born.

2. As we age, this chain of cause-and-effect tends to feed itself, where the effects start to feedback into the causes, creating a repeating and predictable cycle. We stop evolving; our personalities consolidate; routines, which serve to bring order into our lives, start bringing too much order; we fall into that state which Napoleon Hill called hypnotic rhythm.

Defying Determinism

If there is a way to truly break from this chain of causality, it must come from randomness.

Not pseudo-randomness, which could still be, in theory, predicted if we knew everything about the current state of the Universe ( the so called Laplace’s daemon).

No. It must be true randomness, where it’s impossible to predict it beforehand, no matter how much information you have.

With a few exceptions, most physicists believe that such true randomness exists, and that it can be found in the quantum world.

Therefore, if we can find a way to use that randomness in a pragmatic way, we can break the current chain of causality we’re stuck in.

Randonautica is exactly that: a way to pragmatically use true randomness in our lives.

The app uses Australia National University’s quantum random generator to create random coordinates on the map.

By going to a location based on truly random coordinates, you’re now going to a place that the Universe couldn’t have predicted beforehand.

Through the butterfly effect, even a single, even if boring, Randonautica experience is enough to change the course of events in your life and, consequently, the world itself.

Maybe the magnitude of that change will not be too large, or may not last long, as things have the tendency to return to the familiar status quo.

But if Randonautica takes you on an interesting and relevant adventure; or if you try the app enough times, then the impact in your current chain of causality will be much greater.

If you are a hardcore skeptic, scientifically minded, rational materialist, you can stop reading here, and you’ll still be left with a very interesting app on your hands.

For the rest of you, there’s more.


Randonautica may be a recent app, but the concept it is based upon has been around at least since 03/2019 under the name Fatum Project, on the r/DimensionJumping subreddit. You should read it.

The fact that I had that page saved on my favourites since that date, to inspect the theory in detail later, only to find it randomly in the form of an app more than one year later, that remains a mysterious and curious coincidence to me.

And that’s good. Because mysterious and curious coincidences is what I’m going to talk about next.

Since the app came out, it didn’t take much time before some people started saying that it has the ability to make the users experience that which Carl Jung called synchronicity, or “meaningful coincidences“.

Take a look at the Randonautica subreddit and you’ll easy find many stories sharing their meaningful coincidences.

There are two questions that arise here: Is it true? And if so, what is the explanation?

Regarding the first question, we should keep in mind that due to the deep desire of most people to be popular on the Internet, this app has been encouraging them to lie by creating fake stories, or instead to be overly superstitious, forcing feeble connections that in reality aren’t really that impressive.

Excluding all those cases, aren’t the remaining ones, the ones which can truly be described as meaningful coincidences, just a matter of statistical probability? After all, with so many people using this app, it’s inevitable that some extraordinary adventures are bound to happen.

The rational skeptics will say this is the explanation for everyone. Others may admit that there is a minority of cases that are too meaningful to be statistical coincidences. And still some others will say that reducing any meaningful coincidence to mere statistical probability is an uninformed view.

The answer to this question won’t be settled any time soon, and you have no other option other than personal, direct experience. You must find it for yourself.


If we take the view that this app leads to genuine synchronicity events, the question remains as to what explains them.

Truth be said, in the face of a genuine manifestation of such mysterious phenomenon, its explanation should be nothing but a secondary issue.

However, I have decided to discuss it here, since the app relies heavily on one hypothesis.

Introduced in the Fatum Project was the research by thePrinceton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab that hinted to the possibility that Consciousness has the ability to influence the results of random generators.

Taking this into consideration, the app asks you to set an intention in your mind before and while it is generating the random coordinates.

So, here’s the kicker: it should be noted that not only you will find many Randonauts sharing their stories online regarding the meaningful coincidences they’ve had, but that many of these coincidences were related to the intention they had set in their minds.

Of course, these accounts should go through the same scrutiny I’ve mentioned before, but they shouldn’t be discarded as a knee-jerk reaction either.

During the first part of this article, I’ve made the argument that this app is very interesting, if not for anything else, for the fact that it allows you to break your current chain of causality.

Now I’m arguing that, even those who are not inclined to believe in synchronicity and so on, should still use the app to investigate that possibility. A true scientist would do that. A cynical skeptic on the other hand, wouldn’t.

I have both an open mind to these unconventional ideas, but I also require at least to have direct, personal contact with them to start believing them.

The possibility of synchronicity being a real phenomenon is a beautiful thing to consider, especially because it was taken so seriously by someone I really admire, Carl Jung.

And so is the possibility that our minds may have a deeper connection to the quantum world.

These are all things I’d really like to be true, but can’t say confidently they are. I can only hold them in the back of my mind as possibilities, while I try to find ways to experience them directly.

That process of exploration has been part of my personal journey over the last decade.

I am not interested in fake stories, but the truth instead. Hence, I created this project.

Quantum Sound Recordings

By merging the concept of Randonautica with Sound Recording, I will document the full extension of my experience.

I will record the locations I visit using Randonautica.

If it is interesting, you’ll know about it.

If it’s not interesting, you’ll know about it.

This project is not as much about creating your typical ambience recordings for your film or videogame (even though it can also be about that), but the act of recording will instead serve as a lens, a filter, through which my Randonautica experience is lived through.

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