Sinewave Lab Sound Effects Library Released

By MLNobre

I’ve got great news for everybody!

We’ve have just launched that which I hope will become the central and most important project of Sinewave Lab:

The Sinewave Lab Free Sound Effects Library and the Sinewave Lab Pro Sound Effects Library.

Both libraries contain the same sound effects. And they are constantly growing, as I will be adding new sound effects all the time. All new sounds will be available to you at no extra cost.

The Free version requires you to credit us, and its sound effects have lower audio quality, being mp3@128kbps. They’re still very usable, though 🙂

The Pro version doesn’t require you to credit us and has the best audio quality, being WAV 48kHz, 24 bit sound effects.

You can still buy individual Pro sound effects via our Bandcamp page.

Take a look at our product page to find out more about this royalty-free sound effects library.

Update: this project was shut down. Read why here.