The Sinewave Lab Sound Effects Library

Hi! I'm Micael L. Nobre, the creator of this Royalty-Free Sound Effects library.


I like to call this an auteur sound effect library, because it is born out of my personal relationship with Sound. And it is I who conceptualizes, records, and carefully crafts all the sounds effects.


And here they are, available to you for free.


Hopefully you'll like what you hear :)


Free Version and Pro Version


Free Version


Content: All files + access to all new sounds that are constantly being added.

License:  Attribution Required(1), Royalty Free, for Personal and Commercial use


Quality: MP3 @ 128 kbps



Pro Version


Content: All files + access to all new sounds that are constantly being added.

License: Attribution-Free, Royalty Free,  for Personal and Commercial use


Quality: WAV @ 48kHz, 24bit


You can buy individual sounds through our Bandcamp page.

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Library Content


All content is the same for both versions. It is divided into the following categories:


  1. Ambiences
    1. Fictional
    2. Real
  2.  Buttons, Screen Actions, Interface Sounds
  3. Cinematic Hits, Stings, Abstract Sound Design
  4. Cityscape, Urban
  5. Elements and Materials
  6. Electronic, Mechanical, Industrial
  7. Game Sounds
  8. Logos, Intros
  9. Music


I carefully craft my sound effects to make them as useful and ready-to-use as possible for you. Most ambiences are loopable.


Client Portfolio


These are some of the clients who have used sound effects from this library.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: (1)What it the Attribution License?


If you used the Free version, you must credit Sinewave Lab and our website as the source of the sound effects.


Something like:


«Sound effects from»


If you purchase the Pro version or individual sound effects, this attribution license agreement is lifted up and you no longer need to credit us.


Q: What is the difference between Attribution-free and Royalty-free?


The Pro version is both attribution-free and royalty-free.


Attribution-free means you don't have to include us in your project's credits or documentation.


Royalty-free means you don't have to pay us anything out of the profits of the projects that used our sound effects.


None of these terms mean you hold the copyright to the sound effects. Sinewave Lab is the copyright holder of all sounds.


Q: I'm only interested in one particular sound effect. Can I buy just that one instead of the whole Pro library?


Yes. Go to Sinewave Lab's Bandcamp page. Once you're there, the page is organized in albums, which follow the same naming schemes of the library.


All individual sFX cost 3€ (excl. VAT).


Q: Can I use the sound effects on my commercial project?


Yes. Just make sure that you follow the attribution license if you're using the Free version of our library.


Q: The Pro library license applies to how many people in my company?


One license is restricted to one person/employee. For multi-user licenses, contact us directly at


Q: Who holds the Copyright of the Sound Effects?


Sinewave Lab does.


If you create new sound effects out of ours and they sound distinctively different, you'll then hold the copyright of those newly created sounds.


Q: What is the audio quality between the Free and the Pro version?


A MP3 @ 128kbps file is inferior to a WAV file by a large margin.


Texturally simpler sounds are still very usable but in more complex sounds you may start to hear some quality differences, especially in the higher frequencies.


If you plan to further process and manipulate the sound effects, then wav files are the way to go, as they handle that better than mp3.

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