The Next Room Impulse Responses Demonstration

Here at the Sinewave Lab, we have recorded a set of Impulse Responses something called the Next Room Impulse Responses.

This set of 23 mono and stereo WAV files allows you to emulate the acoustic properties of the house I live in, but with the twist.

Because it’s called the “next room”, what did it allows you to do is to take the sound source and the listening position and move them freely around the house.

I thought it will be a fun experiment to compare the impulse responses with the real spaces, so I have recorded the following video to demonstrate just that.

I think we can all agree that the impulse responses did a good job at emulating the real spaces.

Adding to that, we also have the absence of noise and the flexibility of moving the sound source around in the sound field

With this in mind not only using the impulse responses seems like a valid substitute for the real thing, it may actually prove itself to be the superior choice.

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