Replacing the Shure SRH Headband

Shure SRH headphones sound pretty good.

But everyone knows their headbands suck! The plastic adjustment band is fragile, breaking within a few years of use. And repairing them with an official authorized dealer costs about 100 dollars….

Luckly, we can get you a better solution.

You can get this headband in AliExpress for 25€ (not an affiliate link). It is cheaper and better. Which is a nice combination.

But then again, Shure set the bar too low.

Here’s the fact: this headband is better than Shure’s. That’s because it has a metal adjustment band, instead of a flimsy plastic one. It won’t break as easily.

Is it comfortable? Yes. It’s a little bit lighter than Shure’s and it’s slightly more comfortable.

You’ll lose the display of the words SHURE on it, and replace it with an unknown chinese brand but since you’ll be keeping a lot of your money in your pocket, it’s an acceptable compromise.

By the way you’ll have to be able to solder the cables to the earphones , but we trust you already know how to do that.