Plugins and Kontakt Libraries for Metal Producers

Dear metalheads and djentlemen: if you’re forever searching for tonal nirvana in your metal mixes, we have some awesome VST/AU plugins and Kontakt libraries we’d like you to know about.

They’ve been designed by our friends at TIGHT SOUND and are available to purchase here on Sinewave Lab. They are:

Electric Guitar

Guitars Finalizer · $23.00

Impulse Responses

Metal Guitar Tone Helper · $39.00


Electric Bass

Tight Metal Bass 2.0 · $65.00

Kontakt Library


Modern Metal Drums

Kontakt Library

Mix-Ready Cymbals

VST, AU Plugin

Yellow Snare Drum

Kontakt Library

Warm Snare

Kontakt Library

Big Snare

VST, AU Plugin

Natural Snare

VST, AU Plugin

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