A Cheap Podcast Microphone is Enough to Start

You’re starting your own podcast because you want to be part of the Information Revolution of the 21st century.


But lots of people have been getting into this business.

So you need to be at the top of your game, both artistically and technically.

I can’t help you with the former, but I can with the latter.

Good content deserves good audio quality. The question is, can you get that quality for cheap?

Well, I’ll tell you this — you can get good enough quality that most people won’t notice the difference.

1. On a Small Budget? Say Hello to The USB Microphone!

On a normal budget, besides getting a microphone you would also need to buy a separate audio interface. But to cut costs, we’ll choose a microphone with the interface built in. This is what’s known as a USB microphone.

There are somewhat affordable USB microphones like the Samson C01U PRO and they would be a good choice to get started, but you may be asking: are there cheaper alternatives with an even better price-to-cost ratio?

Well, you are in luck because the answer is yes.

There is an anomaly in the microphone market that I’m going to reveal to you right now.

The Samson Go Mic is a very cheap podcast microphone… and it kinda sounds good.

Check out the videos below, you can even use it to record music:

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For its price range, the Samson Go Mic is the one that stands out from the competition when it comes to presence and clarity.

I would go as far as saying that it’s the only real option in its price range.

This is why I always recommend it to friends looking for the best cheap USB microphone for podcasting. And now I’m recommending it to you too.

2. Recording and Editing Software

Download Audacity for recording and editing. It’s free.

Click here to download Audacity

The editing process is essential to guarantee a proper speech flow and to remove unpleasant frequencies from the recording.

If you don’t have time or inclination to do the editing yourself, you could try to hire the cheapest podcast editors in the market on a website like Fiverr.

And that’s it! This is how you can get started with your show. I hope this video was helpful and if you end up following my suggestions, do me a favor and leave a link to your podcast in the comments!

See you later!

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