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Negative Harmony Explained Simply

Negative harmony is one of those concepts that seem to be too obscure to easily understand and apply. So I’ll keep it simple. And I’ll show you what’s possible with some nice examples. What It Is Negative harmony implies starting with a mode or scale, and then calculating its negative version. To do this, you: …

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Guitar Modes Explained Simply

The topic of guitar modes is often poorly explained and therefore misunderstood by beginners. Faced with this initial difficulty, some even give up trying to understand the idea, and conclude that it is an advanced music theory topic that is inaccessible to them. But it doesn’t have to be this way. How It’s Usually Explained …

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Sinewave Resonance Breathing App

The Concept of Sinewave Breathing: How to Use: Synchronize your breathing rhythm to the sinusoidal animation that is displayed, trying to closely follow the accelerations and decelerations of the wave. In addition, a sound metronome and vibration is also included, if the user does not want to be looking at the screen. The speed of …

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A Different Approach to Writing Music

A Copy of a Copy? A friend once told me that all interesting music has already been written and no new ideas exist anymore. …that everything is a copy of a copy of a copy. But I told him that many unknown ways of writing music are yet to be found and explored. And that actually, …

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