SLModes – Modal Modulation and Pitch Axis Theory

SLModes is a tool for music writers that help explore the idea of modes, creative chord progressions, pitch axis theory and modal modulation

Free Mellotron Kontakt Library

Free Mellotron Kontakt Library

SLGain VST Plugin

Gain/Volume VST2 and VST3 Plugin

Electric Guitar Natural Harmonics Kontakt Library

Electric Guitar Natural Harmonics: This Kontakt guitar library gives you access to the beauty and pureness of an electric guitar natural harmonics.

Glassophone Kontakt Library

Glassophone Kontakt Library: library created by recording a total of nine different wine glasses. It is a unique glassware library as the glasses were recorded both empty and filled with water, which will be played back depending on the velocity.

Power Hits Kontakt Library

Power Hits Kontakt library: providing the much sought-after sounds of cinematic samples. Find low end and sub-low end hits and booms that will take your film, videogame or album to new levels of impact!

Next Room Impulse Responses Pack

The Next Room pack is a set of convolution reverb impulse responses. which will allow you to make any sound seem like it’s coming another room in the house This comes in handy in post-production for film and other audiovisual projects.