Car Horn Drive-By (Free Sound Effect)

Below you can watch the recording of a car horn drive-by sound effect.

This sound effect was created by recording an Opel Adam driving-by while honking the horn, creating the Doppler effect. Recorded in stereo in ORTF, the car goes from left to right.

This is a free sound effect donated by Sinewave Lab to the community.

Terms of use: this sound effect is free to use in any personal or commercial project. It is royalty-free. It requires no attribution. You can’t download it and sell it. You can’t make it available for download elsewhere.

Do You Want More FREE Sounds? Help Me Do This…

You want more free sound effects like this one?

Because I want to record HUNDREDS of high quality sound effects and make them available to you.

For free. For commercial projects. No attribution required.

But!… I want to keep making videos 📹 of me recording them.

It’s more fun, more entertaining, and hey, you get the guarantee that you’re really using sFX recorded by me, and not stolen somewhere off the Web.

I no longer have the GoPro 1 I used to record the video at the top of this page. Its video and audio quality sucked too.

So, this time I’d like to get a new GoPro, a more recent version, so that I can bring to you AWESOME first-person perspectives of the recording process of sounds effects.

If this interests you, then please:

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