Music Composition Portfolio

This page showcases my work as a music composer.

 If you’re interested in hiring me as the music composer for your next project, send an email to  or if you came through, let’s keep things there.

Film and Video​

The work I’ve done so far for Film and Video content ranges from mysterious and serious atmospheres using orchestral instruments, piano, or electric guitar, to blends of industrial, electronic, and rock elements for post-apocalyptic narratives.

🎬 Uma Crise Existencial Colectiva (2019)
🎬 Jade (2018)
🎬 Não Abras a Porta (2017)


My music work for video games has so far taken me from creating light-hearted ‘spooky’ themes to the groovy rhythms for a fashion-themed game. Other genres include 8-bit and jazz.

📱 Fashion Show (2019)
📱 Spooky Rooms (2017)

Soundscapes and Meditation Tracks

I have composed dozens of hours of breathing meditation, relaxation, sleeping, emotional introspection, and other type of soundscape tracks. Many of them follow special brainwave entrainment techniques like binaural beats and isochronic tones (I also have a personal project in this area).

Below you can listen to some of the most relevant tracks, so put on some good headphones and enjoy:

📱 Pendulum (2021—2024)