Homem Só – Micael Nobre

Name: Homem Só
By: Micael Nobre
Genre: Progressive Metal
Duration: 02:40

The Theory of Everything – Micael Nobre

Name: The Theory of Everything
By: Micael Nobre
Genre: Experimental Sound Art
Duration: 19:38

#MayonesDuncan Solo Contest by Micael Nobre (2013)

Entry on the Mayones/Duncan Guitar Solo contest

1st Place in ‘Curto Circuito’ Music Contest

The Fall by Livin’Paradies (Cover by Micael Nobre)

The Darkest Strings – Micael Nobre

Name: The Darkest Strings
By: Micael Nobre
Genre: Instrumental Rock
No. of Tracks: 3
Duration: 21:26