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The Best Affordable DSLR Teleprompter in Europe

If you live in Europe / European Union, and are looking for an affordable teleprompter to use with your DSLR and smartphone, you may have come cross the Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter. I think the consensus is clear that this model is the best for the price, but unfortunately for my fellow European countrymen, it’s not …

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Mid-Priced Microphone for a Smooth Podcast Voice

Last time I talked about making your podcast sound decent without spending a lot of money. Today I’ll tell you how to get more than just decent audio quality. We’ll no longer be considering buying an USB microphone to save money. This means you’ll now need to buy a separate audio interface. A good, popular, …

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Replacing the Shure SRH Headband

Shure SRH headphones sound pretty good. But everyone knows their headbands suck! The plastic adjustment band is fragile, breaking within a few years of use. And repairing them with an official authorized dealer costs about 100 dollars…. Luckly, we can get you a better solution. You can get this headband in AliExpress for 15€ (not …

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