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The Best Affordable DSLR Teleprompter in Europe

If you live in Europe / European Union, and are looking for an affordable teleprompter to use with your DSLR and smartphone, you may have come cross the Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter. I think the consensus is clear that this model is the best for the price, but unfortunately for my fellow European countrymen, it’s not …

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Replacing the Shure SRH Headband

Shure SRH headphones sound pretty good. But everyone knows their headbands suck! The plastic adjustment band is fragile, breaking within a few years of use. And repairing them with an official authorized dealer costs about 100 dollars…. Luckly, we can get you a better solution. You can get this headband in AliExpress for 15€ (not …

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