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Getting a Good Audio on a Cheap Podcast Setup

Alright, you’re starting your own podcast and that’s awesome! Welcome to the Information revolution of the XXI century! 🙂 I believe that good content should be delivered with the best audio quality possible. The problem is that you’re just like the rest of us and don’t have a big budget to start out… so the …

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Editing Audio Efficiently on Cubase and Nuendo

The job of an audio editor is not easy. Editing an endless amount of recorded voice can seem like a daunting task, sometimes. So it is important to make the process as efficient as possible. Remember, small inefficiencies add up, over time. I’ve written this blog to teach the inexperienced audio editor ways to reduce …

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The Ultimate Guide to Record High-Quality Audio

Audio content can be divided into four categories: Category 1: Bad Content + Bad Audio Quality; Category 2: Bad Content + Good Audio Quality; Category 3: Good Content + Bad Audio Quality; Category 4: Good Content + Good Audio Quality; You’ve worked hard to create good content for your podcast, audiobook or YouTube video. But …

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