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Hang on to your hats!

With Kick Tweaker, a very useful audio plugin developed by our friends at TIGHT SOUND, it is now possible to achieve a modern metal kick drum sound in seconds!

Load in your favorite drum VST – Superior Drummer, Steve Slate, GetGood Drums, Addictive Drums – or even your own recorded kick drum samples, and then put this piece of processing magic in front of it. Click on a couple of knobs and now you have a metal kick drum that sounds as awesome as the ones from your favorite modern metal albums.

  • EQ: in this section you’ll find 6 different equalization profiles, all of them optimized for modern kick drums.
  • Sub Tweak: add more low end to the kick drum if needed
  • Final Touch: for maximum flexibility, this section allows you to add a final touch of equalization and gain staging to the processed kick drum.

This plugin is recommended for the following genres: Djent, Modern Metal and Rock, Metalcore, Deathcore, and similar.

Buy Now! $29.00


How Does It Sound?

Check the playlist below to listen how Kick Tweaker sounds with Superior Drummer, Steven Slate 4, GetGood Drums and Addictive Drums. At the bottom, you’ll also find some examples of this plugin in action in a couple of tracks.

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