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Metal Snares Pack 2.0 is a collection of 5 metal snare samples for Modern Rock, Progressive Metal, Djent, Metalcore, Deathcore, and similar genres. This plugin was made by our friends at TIGHT SOUND RECORDS.

The two big advantages of this plugin are the following:

  1. The snare samples themselves sound huge and powerful. 
  2. The plugin contains all the necessary tools (Equalization and Saturation) to make the snare samples sit in a busy mix effortlessly, requiring you to do little/no extra processing outside of it.

Take a listen to the five snare samples yourself:

You can also watch any of these videos to see it in action:

When To Use These Samples

The best way to use these metal snare samples is, likely, to complement whatever kit drum samples you’re already using, and not to replace them. It is possible to set up your drum maps in your DAW to trigger samples from different libraries, and that is what seems to work best here.

The samples from this pack fill one specific role — to sound powerful and huge. They were not made to be used with softer dynamics. You can consider these as one-shot drum samples with round robins. So use them where they perform best, and use something else more appropriate in different musical settings.

The Benefits of Mixed-Ready Snare Drum Samples

Processed samples sound good off the bat. This means you get inspired more easily and spend more time creating music rather than trying to get your mix to sound right.

And by buying samples from smaller developers, you already sound different from the crowd, who always rely on the same old drum libraries. Besides sounding different, you’ll also sound good, because you will be getting your hands on metal snare samples created by talented engineers who know what they’re doing and who know how to create things that sound spot on.


• Plug-in Formats: AudioUnit and VST
• Mix-Ready Samples
• Multiple Round Robin
• Tube Saturator
• 3 Band EQ


▸ Mac OS 10.10 or higher / Windows 7 or higher
▸ 64-bit DAW that supports VST2 or AU plugins.

Get Your Snare Pack VST, AU Plugin

Buy Now! $29.00

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