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Hang on to your hats!

With Kick Tweaker, a very useful audio plugin developed by our friends at TIGHT SOUND, it is now possible to achieve a modern metal kick drum sound in seconds!

Load in your favorite drum VST – Superior Drummer, Steve Slate, GetGood Drums, Addictive Drums – or even your own recorded kick drum samples, and then put this piece of processing magic in front of it. Click on a couple of knobs and now you have a metal kick drum that sounds as awesome as the ones from your favorite modern metal albums.

  • EQ: in this section you’ll find 6 different equalization profiles, all of them optimized for modern kick drums.
  • Sub Tweak: add more low end to the kick drum if needed
  • Final Touch: for maximum flexibility, this section allows you to add a final touch of equalization and gain staging to the processed kick drum.

This plugin is recommended for the following genres: Djent, Modern Metal and Rock, Metalcore, Deathcore, and similar.

Buy Now! $29.00


How Does It Sound?

Using Kick Tweaker with Superior Drummer

Using Kick Tweaker with Steven Slate 4

Using Kick Tweaker with GetGood Drums

Using Kick Tweaker with Addictive Drums

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