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The world of drum samples is always short of great sounding cymbals. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you the plugin Mix-Ready Cymbals made by our friends at TIGHT SOUND.

Cymbals Pack is a MIDI based VST plugin. Like the name implies, they have been processed with compression and equalization to make them sound great in your mixes very easily. These cymbals were selected with modern music genres in mind such as Modern Rock. Metal and Djent but as your ears will tell you, they are suitable as well for Pop, Funk, Jazz, Electronic Music, just to name a few.

The Benefits of Mixed-Ready Cymbal Samples

Processed samples sound good off the bat. This means that you get inspired more easily and spend more time actually creating music rather than trying to get your mix to sound right.

Unless you are a very good mixing engineer, chances are you usually start with unprocessed samples – because you want to process them your way to get your sound – but you actually never quite get there.

But guess what… by buying samples from smaller developers, you already sound different from the crowd, who always relies on the same old drum libraries. And besides sounding different, you’ll also sound good, because you will be getting your hands on cymbal samples that were created by talented engineers who know what they’re doing, and who know how to create things that, indeed, sound spot on. The choice is in your hands! Be practical.


▸ 140 MB of total size
▸ 8 cymbals + 15 articulations
▸ Fully processed cymbals
▸ Up to 6 Velocity Layers / 10 Round Robin
▸ Overhead + Room Mics
▸ Includes a Graphic Equalizer


▸ Mac OS 10.10 or higher / Windows 7 or higher
▸ 64-bit DAW that supports VST2 or AU plugins.

Get Your Cymbals VST, AU Plugin

Buy Now! $39.00

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